Malaysia is made up of the Malay-Peninsula, Sarawak and Sabah.

Sarawak and Sabah is lying in the north of Kalimantan - Indonesia. Sarawak and Sabah area had another name called the East of Malaysia.

The East of Malaysia is covers by the tropical forest. The natural resources are abundant.
The tropical forest is the enormous ¡°Green Treasure-house¡±; it is offering inexhaustible resource of timber.

Malaysia is sunny, the rainfall is plentiful. the comprehensive plant, is seen everywhere.

Malaysia is near the equator, it also is the peninsula, the temperature changes very small in the whole year. So, Malaysia is the place of one having eternal summer and eternal sunshine that someone said.

Gifted natural environment, make Malaysia have extremely abundant forest resources

Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia, the traffic is very convenient, and we can arrive by aviation or the waterway, land route from all parts of the world.

Malaysia is the main exporter of the tropical timber; its product got every market in the whole world to widely accept.

The products of timber of Malaysia are exported to over 150 markets or economies, and from the developed country such as countries of Europe, U.S.A., Japan and Australia to the emerging nations such as developing country, Africa and Eastern Europe, etc.

The market pluralism fully shows that Malaysia has the ability to meet each market demand and request.

Malaysia already becomes this achievement of the main timber exporter that confirmed her position and reputation on the world market. At present, tropical log of the world supplies are ranking the first in world and plywood is the second.

Manage the forest where Malaysia has sustainable development in a long time.
The whole area of the natural woods of Malaysia is about 19,540,000 hectares, equivalent to 60% of the whole area in Malaysia

Malaysian timber industry can reach various countries such as the plywood standard of great in Britain, Germany, the United States and Japan. Though Malaysia has been reputation in the world market, the timber industry still keeping improving, to promote its position and constantly improve its quality.