The timber which is known as Balau in Peninsular Malaysia and Selangan Batu in Sabah and Sarawak is made up of fairly uniform wood of several species of Shorea, the more common of which are S. atrinervosa, S.foxworthyi, S.glauca, S. laevis, S.maxwelliana, S.materialis, S.submontana, S.sumatrana, S.leptoderma, S.seminis, S.exelliptica, S.superba, S.havilandii, S.crassa and S.brunescens. The timber seasons very slowly, with severe end-checks and splitting, moderate surface-checking and staining as the main sources of defects.

General description of the wood: Sapwood is moderately well-defined and lighter in colour than heartwood. The colour of freshly cut heart wood is yellow-brown, brown or brown with reddish tinge weathering ultimately to a deeper shade of brown or reddish dark brown. The grain is interlocked; texture is fine and even.

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