The timber which is known as light Red Meranti in Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak, and as Red Seraya in Sabah, is the product of several species of Shorea, the more common of which are S.acuminata (partly), S.ovalis, S.palembanica (partly), S.platycarpa (partly), S.teysmanniana, S.macrantha (partly), S.leprosula (partly), S.dasyphylla, S.hemsleyana (partly), S.johorensis, S.lepidota and S.parvifolia. timbers of similar colour and structure of other species of Shorea may be included under this name. the timber generally seasons fairly rapidly with little degrade.

General description of the wood:- Sapwood is well-defined from the heartwood, which is light pink to light red of light brown. The grain is interlocked and texture is coarse and even.

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