Keruing is produced by numerous species of Dipterocarpus, the more common of which are D.apterus, D.baudii, D.chartaceus, D.concavus, D.costatus, D.crinitus, D.dyeri, D.gracilis, D.cornutus, D.costulatus, D.grandiflorus, D.kerrii, D.sublamellatus, D.kunstleri, D.lowii, D.obtusifolius, D.rotundifolius, D.verrucosus, D.acutangulus, D.applanatus, D.caudiferus and D.confertus. The timber generally seasons well with some end-splitting and surface checking as the main defects.

Geneal description of the wood:- Sapwood is well-defined and grey-drown in colour. The heartwood is red-brown or purple-red weathering to a dark red-brown. Grain is straight to deeply interlocked; texture is moderately coarse to coarse and even.

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